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Job ID J2123
Postion NOTTING HILL: Trained, "Norland-style" Rota Nanny/Governess (2 boys 3yrs & 8 mths)
Location NOTTING HILL W11 + travel: ££££

Trained, "Norland-style" Rota Nanny based London with international travel

Our international client is seeking a trained, qualified Rota Nanny, "Norland-style" is preferred.  They have 2 boys: a toddler (Nov 2015) and a baby (June 2018). The father is German-American and mother is French, and the family live in London W11, based in Notting Hill and frequently travel in Europe, especially to France (Paris & South of France) and Germany (Frankfurt) where they have homes, as well as international travel.

The new, trained Nanny must be a good team player as she will be joining our three other ultra friendly, sweet and supportive Norlanders who are also on the rota.The rota is a mix of sole and shared care, it will be 26 weeks 24/7 (working 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off) on average but flexibility is required to cover emergencies.

The yearly schedule is established 6 months ahead, so nannies can plan their personal time.

The family’s priority is for the two brothers to be safe, secure, confident, happy and thriving, as well as to be very connected together. The nanny should therefore establish a closeness, connection and trust with each of them, but also prioritising and encouraging the siblings being together and enjoying each other as much as possible. When working in pair with another nanny, the nannies will coordinate so the two boys get to play and spend quality time together. 

The toddler is a spirited, fun, creative, bright, active little boy. He is also loving, sensitive and compassionate with a great sense of humour. He has a social nature and thrives on relationships whether with family, his baby brother (who he adores), his friends and his caring nannies. He attends and enjoys lots of fun classes and play dates. He has many interests with a love of learning. He attends nursery four days per week. 

The baby enjoys lots of cuddles, he is adorable and extremely calm with a content happy disposition. He is now starting to attend baby classes and groups.  The nanny will have a commitment to seeing through that each boy bloom into their full potential. So a nanny who will engage and stimulate the children according to their respective needs, interests and milestones will be a great match. 

The family practices gentle discipline and lots of communication with the boys. This is a relaxed family who love to see the boys play and enjoy the life little ones should without any pressures. So be ready for lots of playtime!  

It is a fully-staffed household, however the nannies are required to carry out all usual nursery duties such as planning healthy meals, organising classes and play-dates, maintaining the playroom and children’s bedrooms, shopping for toys/clothes, packing and unpacking for family holidays, alongside checking homes or hotel rooms so that they are child appropriate/child-proof. 

The family travels regularly throughout Europe and the USA, to their other homes. Visas will be organised for the US. 

Do call the agency for more information:  0207 610 9218.  Or email: info@nanniesofstjames.com

Sole Charge Shared
Live In or Daily Live-in
Accommodation supplied
Driver Yes
Use of Car Yes

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