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Job ID J2178
Postion PARSONS GREEN SW6: S/charge, Daily Nanny ( Boys 6, 4 and 8 mths)
Location PARSONS GREEN SW6: May start

We are seeking a new, Daily Nanny for our professional parents based in Parsons Green. Our clients have three boys aged 6, 4 and 8 months old. The oldest boy is at school just down the road from family's current home near Hurlingham Park, middle boy is at nursery school five mornings and from September, 1 full day and four mornings every week.

There is a full time housekeeper who is currently at the house between 8am - 1pm every day, but in November, the family will move further up into Parsons Green to a new home and housekeeper will work Monday to Friday 9 - 5. Nanny will have sole charge of the boys, mother normally takes older boy to school in the morning en route to work, so nanny does lunchtime pick up leaving baby at the house with the housekeeper so the baby's excellent daytime routine isn't disturbed. Housekeeper does all the children's laundry and ironing, but nanny will prepare food for the children, they eat really well as current nanny loves to cook a wide variety of fresh food for them every day.

Hours for the nanny will be 7.30am - 6.30pm, driver helpful, but as everything is in walking distance from the family home, it's not necessary.

In the holidays mother ensures that lots of things are planned for the children, they currently attend tennis and swimming at the Harbour Club and the baby will be doing Monkey Music and other classes and then Play Ball in time which is just near family's new home in South Park. Parents are looking for someone with lots of energy and drive and creativity who loves boys and is also super organised.

Interviews have started for a 1st May start in order for nanny to have three days handover with current nanny of three years.

Call agency on 0207 610 9218 for more details or if new to us, please send CV + refs to us at info@nanniesofstjames.com

Sole Charge Sole
Live In or Daily Daily
Driver Yes
Use of Car Yes

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