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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
2619KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW7: 2nd Rota Nanny (2 boys: 5.5 & 2.5 years)KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: March start View
2618EAST SUSSEX: Live-in Nanny/Housekeeper separate cottage provided (2 children: G11 & B9)EAST SUSSEX: driver essential, July 2020 startView
2616KENSINGTON W8: S/charge Daily Nanny G:3.5 & B:9 mthsKENSINGTON W8: late March startView
2615PARIS: Experienced, French speaking, Daily Baby Nanny (baby 5 months)PARIS (8th): May start (French speaker essential)View
2613HOLLAND PARK: Sole charge, Daily Nanny G7 & G4 years)HOLLAND PARK: July start View
2611MAYFAIR W1: Experienced Daily Nanny/Governess (3 children: 11, 10 & 7 yrs)MAYFAIR + travel: TOP salary View
2610St JOHN'S WOOD: S/charge, trained Daily Nanny (B6.5 & B3.5)St JOHN'S WOOD NW8: Four days/week late April start. Two children View
2609KENSINGTON W8: Live-in (sep accmd) s/charge for baby 12 monthsKENSINGTON W8: end March/early April startView
2608CENTRAL LONDON + travel: Live-in "Manny" (B6, B8 & G11 yrs)CENTRAL LONDON + travel: Male Nanny for a June 2020 start View
2607GORING HEATH, OXON/BERKS border: Live-in Nanny (G's 5, 4 & 7 mths)GORING HEATH + travel: immediate start (sep accmd & )View
2606SHOREDITCH LONDON: Maternity Nanny (baby girl 3 mths)SHOREDITCH: from end March, 6 month booking View
2605NOTTING HILL: English MT Rota Nanny (G10 months and boys 6.5 & 4.5 years)NOTTING HILL + travel: TOP salaryView
2603MOSCOW: Rota Governor/Governess (B10 & G4.5 yrs) 14 OR 21 day rotaMOSCOW + travel: (2 OR 3 week rota) View
2602ISTANBUL & USA: Experienced Nanny (B6 & B3.5 yrs)ISTANBUL & USA: March start View
2601KENSINGTON W14: Experienced, Live-in Nanny (G:3 months)KENSINGTON/OLYMPIA W14: March startView
2600FINSBURY PARK N8: S/Charge, Daily Nanny (G2y & baby 4mths)FINSBURY PARK N8: Mid-April startView
2599MALIBU/UK: TOP, Maternity Nurse for 3rd baby due early JulyMALIBU, CALIFORNIA: 3 month booking from end of June View
2597HAMPSTEAD: Rota Nanny position (B4, B2 & G6 mths)HAMPSTEAD: March 2020 View
2596ATHENS: Live-in Nanny (B2.5 yrs & G3 mths), five days/weekATHENS + travel: Feb start (confident swimmer essential)View
2594BARNES, SW13: Sole charge, Daily Nanny (B2.5 yrs & B3 mths)BARNES SW13 (riverside): April start (driver required)View
2593KNIGHTSBRIDGE: Top, Daily Nanny (twins 17 months)KNIGHTSBRIDGE/S.KEN: April start View
2587SOUTHFIELDS SW18: S/Charge Live In Nanny, Children 2 and 4 mths. Feb 2020 start SOUTHFIELDS SW18: S/Charge Live in Nanny Feb 2020View
258610022 NEW YORK: Live in Trained Nanny. Twin 2 yrs. Sep Acc. $$$$NEW YORK: March -= start, $$$$View
2585PICCADILLY: TWO Rota, baby Nannies (G will be 1 year)PICCADILLY: early April start View
2584MAYFAIR: 2 weeks on/off Rota Nanny (2 boys, 6 & 3 years)MAYFAIR W1 & travel: Feb start (driver required)View
258310022 NEW YORK: Top, UK-trained Nanny for twins (2 years) DailyNEW YORK: Feb/March start, $$$$ (ideally with Green card/US passport, but clients can provide J1 visa)View
2574AMSTERDAM + travel: Live-in Nanny (Boys 2.5 and baby 6 months)AMSTERDAM + travel: from MayView
2573HACKNEY E5: Daily, Baby Nanny (B5 years & G 3 months)HACKNEY E5: Feb startView
2572PARIS: Experienced, French speaking, Daily Baby Nanny (baby 5 months)PARIS (8th): May start (French speaker essential)View
2571KENSINGTON W8: Exp. Sole charge, Daily Nanny (B7, B5 & G2.5 years)KENSINGTON W8: Feb start (driver essential)View
2566SWISS COTTAGE: s/charge, TOP, Daily Nanny (2 children, 4 years & 13 months)SWISS COTTAGE: ASAP start View
2562HOLLAND PARK W11: Top, full charge, Daily Nanny-Governess/Household Manager (G8 & B4)HOLLAND PARK + occasional travel: Feb 2020View
2561ABU DHABI UAE: Sole charge Nanny (B2 & G8 mths)ABU DHABI: Feb start, & sep accmdView
2547CLAPHAM SW11: English MT, sole charge Daily Nanny, (2 boys, 4 & 2 years)CLAPHAM JUNCTION SW11: May start (driver required)View
1643Kensington W8: Sole charge Daily Nanny G: 3.5 and B: 9 mths end March startKensington W8: Full time s.charge Daily Nanny, Two children 3.5 and 9 mths, late March startView
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