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Welcome & Registration Procedure

Thank you for considering Nannies of St James to assist you with your search for a new nanny/household staff. Because we have a substantial number of qualified and experienced nannies, maternity nurses, governesses, male tutors, nanny/PAs and nanny/housekeepers, we are confident we can find you the right person for your household.

If you are a new parent and the recruiting process is uncharted territory for you, then we hope to be able to allay your concerns and answer any questions you may have. We know that communication is of the utmost importance in forging a successful working relationship, therefore we pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect match between client and nanny.

20 years of success has taught us that the best working relationships are borne from establishing close but professional partnerships with clients. The more information a client is able to provide us with about their family situation, the more accurately and efficiently we can introduce the right candidates for each individual household.

All families and positions are regarded personally, case by case, and of course we recognise the need for utmost discretion and diplomacy.
We are also experienced at working with a third party representing a family. We place nannies within the UK (town and country) and overseas.

Overseas clients will need to verify that their country‚Äôs laws do not debar use of international nannies (household staff) because some countries have strict legislation regarding this. Please be advised that it is the client’s responsibility to provide visas for all household staff where necessary.

New Clients can apply to Nannies of St James in two ways:

  • Either telephone the agency on 0207 610 9218 and speak directly to Rosemary or her assistant, Clare.
  • or complete our Client Registration Form (for office use only), and a member of the agency will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

A personalised copy of our Terms of Business will then be forwarded to the client.

Once the client has agreed to our terms and conditions we are able to introduce suitable CVs for the candidates via email.

Nannies of St James is now the link between client and nanny and we will arrange all initial interviews (telephone/Skype/face-to-face). If a client prefers to communicate directly with a candidate thereafter, that is fine, we just request that the client keeps the agency informed. Upon a client offering a candidate a position, Nannies of St James are able to provide and draw up suitable contracts.

Rest assured that the relationship between the agency and the client does not finish once the nanny is in-situ. We continue to offer on-going support, recommendation and guidance wherever and for however long is necessary.

+44 (0)207 610 9218