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Top 10 Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
2864MALIBU CALIFORNIA + Travel: British trained Nanny, Boy 4 Girl 2 2021 start MALIBU, UK and CARIBBEAN: Trained Nanny for two children View
2863COTSWOLDS: Temporary, Live-in OR Daily Nanny (B2.5 years & B9 months)COTSWOLDS: Temporary, covering Maternity Leave April - Nov 2021 (fixed contract)View
2861NORTH DULWICH: Live-in OR Daily, sole charge Nanny (G5 & G18 months)NORTH DULWICH SE24: Dec/Jan start View
2860HIGHGATE N6: Experienced, Rota Nanny (B/G twins 22 months)HIGHGATE: Dec start (driver preferred)View
2859ZURICH: Live-in, degree-educated & trained, German-speaking Nanny (G4.5y & G3y)ZURICH: Jan start ( with sep apt & car)View
2858PRIMROSE HILL NW3: Highly qualified, After-School Governess/Governor (B4 years)PRIMROSE HILL NW3: Flexible start date View
2856ISLINGTON N1: Local, Daily Nanny for first baby (6 months at start)ISLINGTON N1: late Feb/Mar 2021 (driver preferred)View
2855KENSINGTON: Full time, s/charge, Spanish-speaking, Daily Nanny (B3y, G18m & baby 10w)KENSINGTON W8 + travel: Dec/early Jan start ++View
2854HONG KONG: Degree-educated PGCE/QTS, English MT, Governess/Governor (twin boys 11 years)HONG KONG: March 2021 (driver essential, car & sep accmd supplied)View
2852CENTRAL LONDON & NORFOLK + travel: Live-in, First Nanny (Baby girl 3 months)LONDON & NORFOLK + travel: Nov start (driver req, sep apt + )View
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