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Top 10 Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
2303MONACO: Two Top rota Nannies for baby boy 4 mths. July start Two wk rota. MONACO: July start (sep apt + ) Two rota nanniesView
2302NOTTING HILL: Top, permanent Weekend 3 or 4 x 24 Nanny (boys 6 & 4, and G3 mths with own MN)NOTTING HILL + travel: July start . Sat, Sun, Mon Tues.View
2301MONACO: TWO, s/charge, English MT, Rota Nannies for twins 9.5 mthsMONACO: Immediate start (English mother tongue) View
2298ABU DHABI: Career Nanny for boy 18 monthsABU DHABI: July start & sep accmdView
2297SOUTHFIELDS: "Junior", Live-in, s/charge Nanny (G 2.5 years)SOUTHFIELDS: July startView
2295HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON: FOUR DAYS/WEEK s/charge, Daily Nanny (3 & 1 yrs)HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON: flexible start (anytime from Sept, but by Jan 2020) ++View
2294PARIS: UK passport, English MT, Rota Nanny (B:2.5 years)PARIS: ASAP June/July startView
2293BAVARIA, GERMANY: Sole charge, Live-in Nanny (B 1.5 y)BAVARIA, GERMANY: June/July start + sep accmdView
2292GORING HEATH, BERKS: Temporary Nanny (from ASAP June to September)GORING HEATH + travel: from now - September (sep accmd)View
2291ST JAMES: Daily RUSSIAN speaking Nanny (G27 mths + 10 mths)ST JAMES SW1: August start for native Russian speakerView
+44 (0)207 610 9218