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Top 10 Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
3213BERMUDA: Top, *Norland-trained* Rota Nanny (EEC/UK passport) (B10 & G8 years)BERMUDA, LONDON, EUROPE++: Sept/Oct start $$$$ (sep aprt & car)View
3212GENEVA & CHELSEA SW3: TWO x Rota Nannies (1 x **native French** and 1 x **native English**) for G3 yearsGENEVA & CHELSEA SW3: Sept start (ability to work in EU essential)View
3211LONDON & COTSWOLDS: Live-in, Weekend Nanny Friday am - Monday am (B4 years)LONDON & COTSWOLDS: Sept start (driver essential)View
3209CHISWICK W4: Daily Nanny/Manny/PA (B9 & B6 years)CHISWICK W4: Sept start View
3208MARYLEBONE & E. SCOTLAND: Live-in Nanny (G2.5 years)MARYLEBONE & E. SCOTLAND: early Oct start View
3207KENSINGTON W8: Daily/Live-in Nanny (B6.5y & G3.5y)KENSINGTON W8 + travel: Sept start (driver essential)View
3205CHELSEA: Native English MT, Live-in Nanny (G5 & G2 years)CHELSEA + travel: sep accmd providedView
3204CHELSEA SW3: Daily + travel (G4 y & G5 mths) 50 hours/weekCHELSEA + travel: Sept start View
3202PIMLICO SW1: Top, Live-in OR Daily, s/charge Nanny (G9, B7 & B2 years)PIMLICO SW1 + future travel: Sept start (driver essential)View
3200KENSINGTON W14: S/charge, Daily Nanny, four or five days per week (G8, G6 & B18 months)KENSINGTON W14: View
+44 (0)207 610 9218