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Our company expectations for new candidates

We are always delighted to hear from new nannies, maternity nurses, male tutors and governesses and are constantly recruiting new candidates. Naturally a candidate’s experience and qualification are paramount, but we are interested in hearing from new recruits who have recently graduated or completed their childcare qualification and need to get onto the career ladder. Everyone needs to start somewhere.
So if you are new to Nannies of St James please use the link to upload your up to date CV, and complete our application form.

It may appear that we require a lot of information but the more detail we have and the better we get to know you, the better our success rate will be. We are a friendly and approachable team, and if for any reason we don’t think we can assist you, we will always try to advise you on the best alternative route. We strive to go the extra mile.

Our registration process may seem detailed but we have high standards. Quite simply, our reputation depends on us being thorough. Our clients know they can count on us to introduce them to first-class candidates and that is why we have such a niche market and are entrusted with recruiting for high end appointments. If you are at all unsure, contact us and we will advise you.

ALL new candidates, regardless of the position they are applying for, need to forward us their up-to-date portfolio. Your portfolio should include:

  • Current CV (preferably in Word document and not PDF).
  • Copies of your passport, driving licence and police check.
  • Copies of references, including email addresses for your childcare referees. Please be advised we have a form we required to send to them.
  • Copies of relevant child care certificates and qualifications.
  • A recent photograph.

Company policy states that we are required to interview all new candidates. This is a procedure that we prefer to do in person, though initial pre-interviews may be carried out via Skype at the agency’s discretion.

If you require any assistance regarding the above, please do call or email us

+44 (0)207 610 9218