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Overseas Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
3669DUBAI, UAE & LONDON: Second Rota Nanny/Governess (B3.5 years)DUBAI, LONDON + extensive travel: July start View
3666MONACO: Experienced, Rota Nanny (G4.5 yrs & G7 months) MONACO: late August start (**EU passport holder & confident driver essential + excellent English**)View
3662ABU DHABI + travel: Experienced Maternity Nurse (baby #5)ABU DHABI: mid-November (12 week booking) View
3647NEW YORK + travel: **TWO x Norland-trained** rota Nannies (B3.5 & G1.5 yrs)NEW YORK + travel: July start (see below for visa restrictions)View
3645LUCERNE + travel: Sole charge, Live-in Nanny (G7, G5 & B2.5 yrs)LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND + travel: July start (EU passport holder only & driver essential)View
3638MILAN + travel: Italian-speaking, Tutor/Nanny/ Manny (B12 yrs)MILAN + w/wide travel: Sept start (**EU passport holder essential**) & sep accmdView
3624CONNECTICUT, USA + travel: **Norland-trained Nanny** (2 children, 6.5 & 4.5 years with N-B due autumn)CONNECTICUT, USA + travel: driver essential + US visa restrictions apply (see below)View
3611MONACO: **Experienced** Maternity Nurse (G7 months)MONACO: ASAP start (4 - 12 week booking)View
3606MONACO: TWO x trained/qualified Maternity Nannies/Nurses (baby #3, approx 3 months old)MONACO, GSTAAD + travel: Feb 2023 start (**EU passport**)View
3605LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA: Rota Nanny position (B6, B4 & G2 years)LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA: ASAP start (driver essential and **must** have Green Card or US passport)View
3603DUBAI: Trained, English MT, DAILY Nanny (B13 months)DUBAI + travel: flexible summer start View
3593OSLO: Live-in Nanny/Nanny/Household Manager (sep apt) for B2.5 yrs & B3 mthsOSLO, NORWAY + travel: July start (EU passport holder with excellent English)View
+44 (0)207 610 9218