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Overseas/International Nannies

Bonjour, bienvenue! G’day! Heu, tervetuloa! Nin hao, huanying guanglin! Aloa! Hallo, wilkommen! Helo Croeso! Hej valkommen! Witam mile widziane!

We love to hear from overseas candidates, whether you are a Brit working abroad who has fallen on our website by chance, or whether you are an international applicant wishing to come over to the UK. Perhaps we have been recommended to you by a friend or previous employer.

Please review the previous section about our company expectations, as this is the same for all NSJ candidates.

Our only stipulation is that you must be able to work legally within the UK or your chosen country, and have a good command of the English language.

If English isn’t your first language then please make sure that your portfolio information (resume, references etc) has been translated into good English. You may include copies of the originals.

+44 (0)207 610 9218