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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
2453HACKNEY (LONDON FIELDS): Daily Nanny for Baby Girl 6/12HACKNEY E8: Feb 2020 start View
2452PARSONS GREEN SW6: S/charge, Live-in OR Daily Nanny ( B:2.5 & G:4 mths)PARSONS GREEN SW6: Oct start View
2451HAMPSTEAD: Rota Nanny AND Manny position (B4, B2 & G6 mths)HAMPSTEAD: Jan 2020 View
2450CHELSEA SW3: Exp, Daily Nanny (4 days Mon-Thurs) for G2 yrs & B8 mthsCHELSEA SW3: Jan 2020 start.View
2449LA, BRAZIL, GREECE + ST MORITZ: Maternity Nanny (baby 4.5 mths)LA, BRAZIL, GREECE + ST MORITZ: 3 month booking: Nov 2019 - Feb 2020View
2448ISLINGTON N1: Live-in, s/charge Nanny (B's 6 & 2.5 years)ISLINGTON N1: ASAP start (ideally English MT) View
2447KNIGHTSBRIDGE: Rota Nanny (2 boys: 5 years & 21 months) Oct/Nov startKNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: immediate start View
2445JERSEY: TOP, Live-in Nanny (B:3 & G:1 years)JERSEY C.I. + travel: separate house + car supplied (driver essential)View
2443CHELSEA SW10: Top, Daily Nanny (3 children, 6, 4 & 5 mths)CHELSEA SW10: November start (driver essential)View
2442ISLINGTON N1: TOP, Daily Nanny (G4 & new baby)ISLINGTON + travel: ASAP start View
2441GEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON DC. USA: French-speaking, Live-in Nanny (s/charge for toddler 18 mnths)$$$GEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON DC: French/Spanish-speaking Trained NannyView
2438LONDON: Daily Nanny/Governess for 3 children 11, 9 & 6 yearsLONDON SW1 + travel: ASAP October start View
2436ABU DHABI: Sole charge Nanny, Sep Acc. Boy 2 and Baby girl 6 months ABU DHABI: & sep accmd October startView
2434LONDON W1: Experienced, Daily, Baby, Twins Nanny (3 mths). Great hours!LONDON W1: October start View
2433SHOREDITCH: Live-In Nanny for 2 Children (G3 + B7-months)SHOREDITCH: ASAP Oct start ( + nanny flat)View
2432CHELSEA SW3: Live-in 24/5 Nanny (G: 2 years)CHELSEA SW3: October start View
2431GENEVA: Permanent, Live-in Nanny (sep apt provided) for B:8 & G:4 yrsGENEVA + travel: (driver essential)View
2429ZURICH: 24/5, TRAINED, English MT, Live-in, s/charge Nanny (B:2.5 years)ZURICH: November/December start (great salary + accmd)View
2421VIENNA: P/T, English MT Nanny (B:6 & G:2 yrs) P/T hours: 25/30 hrs Mon-Fri Sep apartment provided - January startVIENNA: Jan 2020. 25/30 hours/week + sep apt providedView
2420SOUTH KENSINGTON: Maternity Nurse for 3rd babySOUTH KENSINGTON + travel: mid-April 2020 for 5 month booking View
2419KENSINGTON: Native SPANISH, Rota Nanny (G3.5 & B7 mths)KENSINGTON + travel: ASAP start (2 week on/off rota) . G 3.5 and B 7 mthsView
2418REGENTS PARK: 2 weeks on/off Rota Nanny (2 boys 6 & 3 years)REGENTS PARK & travel: Oct start, driver essential View
2416HOLLAND PARK W11: Daily Nanny for twin girls aged 8 yearsHOLLAND PARK W11: ASAP Oct start.View
2415ZURICH (District 8): English MT, s/charge Nanny (B:2.5y & G:8m)ZURICH (District 8): Oct start. sep studio + View
2414ST PETERSBURG: British, trained Governess (G6 & G2 years)ST PETERSBURG: Oct start (sep apt & )View
2413NOTTING HILL: Trained, "Norland-style" Rota Nanny/Governess (2 boys 4 yrs & 15 mths)NOTTING HILL W11 + travel: Rota, Boys 4 and 15 mths. NorlandView
2408ATHENS GREECE: Live-in Nanny (B:2 years)ATHENS + travel: Oct start View
2400SWITZERLAND: Sole charge, Live-in Nanny: G6y, G4y & B1yLUCERNE, SWITZERLAND: ASAP Oct. View
2398ZURICH: Live in s/charge Nanny (sep accmd) for 2 girls: 3.5y & 22 mZURICH: ASAP start ( with sep apt & car)View
2396FULHAM: Experienced, s/charge, Daily Nanny (B4y, B3y & G7m)FULHAM SW6: December start (driver essential)View
2385MAYFAIR: Trained, Live-in Baby Nanny (G8, B6 & B8 mths)MAYFAIR W1 + travel: ASAP start + sep accmd.View
2373NOTTING HILL: Top, Live-in 24/5 Nanny (boys 6 & 4.5 ((at school)), and G6 mths)NOTTING HILL + travel: ASAP start with TOP weekly salaryView
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