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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
4179MONACO + travel: Daily OR Live-in (sep accmd), English-speaking Nanny (G6 & B3 years)MONACO + extensive travel: ASAP early summer start (**EU passport + confident driver essential**)View
4178MARYLEBONE W1: Temporary, Daily, Baby Nanny (G who will be 1 year at start)MARYLEBONE W1: Temp booking from Jan to March 2024View
4177DUBAI, UAE + travel: Experienced, **native English MT**, Rota Nanny (G10, G5 & B4 years) DUBAI, UAE + travel: June/July start View
4176COTSWOLDS + travel: **Top** , trained, Rota Nanny (G3 years & B8 months)COTSWOLDS + travel: late July/early Aug start (driver essential)View
4175LONDON & SUFFOLK: Temporary, Live-in Nanny (B8 & G7 years)LONDON & SUFFOLK: Temp booking 3rd - 29th July (driver essential) View
4174WEST KENSINGTON + travel: **Trained** Live-in OR Daily Nanny (G2 yrs & B3 months)WEST KENSINGTON + travel: July start ++View
4173CHELSEA + travel: Maternity Nurse (2nd baby due mid-July)CHELSEA + travel: 5.5 month booking (mid-July to Christmas) View
4172BISHOPS PARK, FULHAM: Live-in, s/charge Nanny (B3.5 yrs & B7 months currently)BISHOPS PARK, FULHAM: late Aug start (driver req) View
4169SLOVAKIA & UK: Experienced, Live-in Nanny (G3 years & new baby due Sept - MN booked)SLOVAKIA & UK + travel: June start (separate accmd) confident driver essentialView
4168WANDSWORTH: S/charge, trained, Daily OR Live-In Nanny (2 boys: 3 mnths & 2.5 yrs)WANDSWORTH: Early July start (driver preferred)View
4167CHIDDINGFOLD, SURREY & LONDON: Second, Rota Nanny (twin girls 4 years)CHIDDINGFOLD, SURREY & LONDON: July start, driver essential (auto) View
4166BAYSWATER: **Norland-trained**, Live-in Nanny (G7 & B5 years)BAYSWATER: early July start (confident driver essential) + private accmdView
4165HOLLAND PARK + travel: **Trained** (eg: Norland), Rota Nanny (2 children; 3 years & 19 months)HOLLAND PARK + travel: July/Aug start View
4164KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: **Trained, native English, Retainer, SEN Nanny** (3 children; 8.5, 6 & 2.5 years)KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: June/July start View
4163HIGHGATE + extensive travel: British, Daily Nanny (G4 & B years & new baby due this summer)HIGHGATE + extensive travel (incl USA): ASAP start (driver essential) View
4162BARNES SW13: Trained, Daily Nanny (4.5 days/week) B3 years & G5 monthsBARNES SW13: early summer start (driver helpful) View
4161NOTTING HILL GATE W8: Rota Nanny (2 children: 4 & 6 years) NOTTING HILL GATE W8: ASAP June start (driver preferred)View
4160CHELSEA SW3 + travel: Daily Nanny (B3.5 & G2 years)CHELSEA SW3 + travel: ASAP June start (driver essential)View
4158OXFORDSHIRE OX39: Temporary Nanny (B12 & G3 years)OXFORDSHIRE OX39: mid-July start, temporary booking for approx. 8 months (driver essential) View
4157HOLLAND PARK W11: **Trained** (eg: Norland) Live-in Nanny (B6 & B3 years)HOLLAND PARK W11: open summer start View
4156DULWICH: **Freshly trained**, Junior-style, Live-in Nanny (3 girls: 4 years & twins, 2 years)DULWICH: June start (driver preferred) +View
4155KNIGHTSBRIDGE & GLOS + travel: Exp, Live-in Governess, 24/5 Nanny (B18 months)KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW3, GLOS & NEW YORK: late June start (driver essential)View
4152BELSIZE PARK NW3 + travel: Rota Nanny (twins 9 months)BELSIZE PARK NW3 + travel: immediate start View
4150KENSINGTON W8: Rota Nanny/Childrens' PA (4 children: G17.5, B15, B13 & B10 years)KENSINGTON W8: June start (driver essential)View
4149DUBAI + travel: Trained Rota Nanny (G1 year)DUBAI, UAE + travel: ASAP June start View
4143HENLEY-ON-THAMES + travel: ***Trained & experienced Chef***HENLEY-ON-THAMES + extensive travel: + separate accmd (**MUST be able to travel**)View
4142NOTTING HILL W11 + travel: Live-in OR (local) Daily Nanny/PA (B5.5 & G3.5 years)NOTTING HILL W11 + travel: June start View
4140KENSINGTON: Daily Nanny (B7, B5 & G3 yrs)KENSINGTON W8: end July start View
4134PRIMROSE HILL NW3 + travel: Rota Nanny (B3.5 years & G10 months)PRIMROSE HILL NW3 + travel: June start ++View
4114NOTTING HILL, W11: Live-in Nanny (G2 years & B7 months)NOTTING HILL: ASAP start + private accommodationView
4109CHELSEA/CENTRAL LONDON: **Norland-trained**, Daily Nanny (G7 & B5 years)CHELSEA/CENTRAL LONDON: June/July start, Confident driver essential View
4106CAMDEN NW1: S/charge, trained Daily Nanny (baby will be 5 months)CAMDEN NW1: **Sept start** (driver super-helpful)View
4042SAN FRANCISCO: Top, Rota Nanny (twin girls 7 years)SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Summer start $$$$$ (driver essential)View
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