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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
2807REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY: English MT, trained, Nanny/Governess (G2 years)REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY: Oct start (sep accmd) View
2806REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY: Rota Maternity Nurse (newborn twins), 12 hour shiftsREGGIO EMILIA, ITALY: sep accmd View
2805NOTTING HILL: English MT, Rota Nanny (G18m, B5 & B7 years)NOTTING HILL + travel: Sept/Oct startView
2803KENSINGTON: Very experienced, Daily Nanny for 3 children (G5, G2 years & B3 months).KENSINGTON W8: Sept/Oct start +View
2802NOTTING HILL: S/charge, Daily Nanny, two children 8 & 6 yearsNOTTING HILL + travel: Sept start View
2801PIMLICO SW1: Top, Live-in, s/charge Nanny (G8y, B5y & B18 m)PIMLICO SW1 + travel: Oct start (driver essential)View
2800CHELSEA SW3: Full time, Daily Nanny (German or Spanish MT) B12 monthsCHELSEA SW3: Sept start +View
2799HOLLAND PARK W11: Live-in Nanny/Housekeeper G9, B5 & G2 yearsHOLLAND PARK W11: private acc, sep entrance View
2797KENSINGTON W8: Sole charge, Daily, Baby Nanny, G4 monthsKENSINGTON W8: Sept start +View
2796BERMUDA: Top Rota Nanny (EEC passport) 2 weeks on/off (B9 & G7 years)BERMUDA, LONDON, EUROPE++: Oct start $$$$ (& sep aprt for time off)View
2795MONACO: Experienced, Live-in, English-speaking Nanny (B2 yrs & G8 mths)MONACO: Oct start (sep apt + )View
2794GSTAAD: Live-in Nanny for G8, B6 & B3 yearsGSTAAD + travel: Sept/Oct start View
2793VIENNA, AUSTRIA: Very experienced, trained, English MT Nanny (B2.5 years & G6 months)VIENNA, AUSTRIA: late Sept start (sep accmd & a driver essential)View
2791KENSINGTON W8: Live-in Nanny Monday 9am to Friday 3pm (B11m, B3 & B6 years)KENSINGTON W8 + travel View
2790SOUTH KENSINGTON: Experienced, degree-educated, Live-in Nanny (twins 7 years)SOUTH KENSINGTON SW7: Nov start (sep accmd with )View
2789PIMLICO SW1: Sole charge, Daily Nanny (G2y & B3m)PIMLICO SW1: Oct start View
2788PARSON'S GREEN: F/T & P/T Daily, English MT, Nanny/Governess (G4.5 & G3yrs)PARSON'S GREEN: Sept start (driver essential) +View
2787NOTTING HILL: Italian-speaking, P/T, Daily Nanny (2 boys: 2 & 3.5 years)NOTTING HILL: Sept start +View
2786PARSONS GREEN SW6: Experienced, Live-in OR Daily Nanny (G4 & G1 year)PARSONS GREEN: Sept start View
2785BATTERSEA SW11: Live-in, fun Nanny (twins 4 years & baby 1 year)BATTERSEA SW11: Sept start +View
2783BATTERSEA (+ SOMERSET on occasion): English or French speaking, Daily Nanny (B15 months)BATTERSEA SW11: early autumn start (driver useful for the country)View
2782GENEVA & VIENNA: Live-in Nanny for 3 children (G15m, G3y & B4y)GENEVA & VIENNA: ASAP start (driver preferred) View
2778ABU DHABI: Trained PGCE Governess (3 girls: 17, 12 & 9 years)ABU DHABI UAE: Sept start ( + sep apt)View
2777Al AIN, UAE: Top, UK-trained GOVERNESS/TEACHER (4 children: G's 10 & 9 and B's 8 & 5 years)AL AIN, UAE: immediate Sept start View
2776QUEENS PARK: Daily Nanny (9am - 5pm) for G16 monthsQUEENS PARK NW6: Sept startView
2772SOUTH DULWICH SE21: Live-in OR Daily Nanny (first baby, 9 weeks)SOUTH DULWICH SE21: flexible start date from end of SeptView
2766GSTAAD, SWITZERLAND + travel: Live-in Male Nanny (B7, B8.5 & G11 yrs)GSTAAD SWITZERLAND + travel: Oct start View
2762HOLLAND PARK: Live-in Nanny (English MT essential) for 2 boys, 9 years & 4 monthsHOLLAND PARK + travel: Sept start +View
2760COTSWOLDS: COUPLES vacancy: Housekeeper/Cook and Chauffeur/General HelpCOTSWOLDS: Jan/Feb 2021 start (sep accmd +)View
2756PUTNEY: S/charge, Live-in, English MT Nanny (G2y & N-B due early 2021)PUTNEY: Sept startView
2753HOLLAND PARK: English MT, Daily Nanny B's 5 (school) 3 (nursery) & 2 yearsHOLLAND PARK W14 + travel: Sept start View
2730ZURICH: Live-in, degree-educated & trained, German-speaking Nanny for G4y & G2.5y (native English MT)ZURICH: Sept start ( with sep apt & car)View
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