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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
2303MONACO: Two Top rota Nannies for baby boy 4 mths. July start Two wk rota. MONACO: July start (sep apt + ) Two rota nanniesView
2301MONACO: TWO, s/charge, English MT, Rota Nannies for twins 9.5 mthsMONACO: Immediate start (English mother tongue) View
2298ABU DHABI: Career Nanny for boy 18 monthsABU DHABI: July start & sep accmdView
2297SOUTHFIELDS: "Junior", Live-in, s/charge Nanny (G 2.5 years)SOUTHFIELDS: July startView
2295HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON: FOUR DAYS/WEEK s/charge, Daily Nanny (3 & 1 yrs)HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON: flexible start (anytime from Sept, but by Jan 2020) ++View
2294PARIS: UK passport, English MT, Rota Nanny (B:2.5 years)PARIS: ASAP June/July startView
2293BAVARIA, GERMANY: Sole charge, Live-in Nanny (B 1.5 y)BAVARIA, GERMANY: June/July start + sep accmdView
2292GORING HEATH, BERKS: Temporary Nanny (from ASAP June to September)GORING HEATH + travel: from now - September (sep accmd)View
2291ST JAMES: Daily RUSSIAN speaking Nanny (G27 mths + 10 mths)ST JAMES SW1: August start for native Russian speakerView
2289LONDON W10: Daily Nanny (Mon-Fri 07.30 - 18.30) G3 & B1LADBROKE GROVE W10: July start (driver very useful)View
2287ABU DHABI: Experienced Nanny for one child aged 15 mths. Sep Acc.ABU DHABI: Sep Acc. Experienced Nanny, one girl 15 months.View
2286WANDSWORTH: Live-in OR Daily, experienced, Baby Nanny 4 days (first baby B:9.5 mths) s/chargeWANDSWORTH SW18: June/July start 4 days, Mon-Thurs 06.45 - 17.45View
2284SWITZERLAND: Sole charge, Live-in Nanny: G6y, G4y & B1yLUCERNE, SWITZERLAND: July start View
2283QUEENS PARK: Temporary Daily Nanny (for twins 2.5 years)QUEENS PARK NW6: Temporary Nanny mid-June to end July +View
2282HOLLAND PARK W11: S/charge Daily Nanny (B8, G6 & G3 years)HOLLAND PARK W11: Late June start View
2280HIGHBURY N4: S/charge, Daily Nanny (B3 & G1)HIGHBURY N4: August start View
2279SHOREDITCH: Live-in Nanny for 2 children 3 yrs & 7 mthsSHOREDITCH: Late August start + nanny flat suppliedView
2275KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW1X: Live in Nanny 5/24 (B:3 years)KNIGHTSBRIDGE, FRANCE + CANADA: June start View
2273PIMLICO SW1: SPANISH-speaking, Live-in Nanny (one child 14 months)PIMLICO SW1: June start (Spanish speaking essential)View
2271WESTMINSTER: Norwegian or English speaking Daily Nanny (boys 5.5 & 3.5 years)WESTMINSTER + travel: Aug/Sept start +View
2270WASHINGTON DC. USA: French speaking Nanny (s/charge for toddler 14 mnths)$$$ Visa supplidGEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON DC: July start start $$$$ French speaking NannyView
2269CHELSEA SW3: Experienced, Daily Nanny for first baby from 4 monthsCHELSEA + travel: early June start View
2268NOTTING HILL: TOP, TOP live-in Nanny! (Mon 08.00/08.30 - Fri 08.00/08.30 inclusive), 4 and 2 yearsNOTTING HILL W11 + travel: mid/late June start (driver essential)View
2265HOLLAND PARK + travel: Daily Nanny (G3.5y + B18m)HOLLAND PARK + travel: ++View
2264CHELSEA SW10: Experienced Daily Nanny (G18 mths & N-B due Oct)CHELSEA SW10: June start (driver essential)View
2261MIDDLE EAST + extensive travel: TEMP Governess/Tutor/Companion for B:12 yearsMIDDLE EAST + TRAVEL: TemporaryView
2260SAN FRANCISCO: Rota Nanny (7 days on/off) for twin girls 3.5ySAN FRANCISCO, USA: $$$$ (driver essential) early July startView
2259ABU DHABI: Experienced Nanny for two children: 5 & 8 yrs Sep Acc.ABU DHABI, DUBAI + LONDON++: & sep accmdView
2256BRACKENBURY VILLAGE W14: S/charge, Daily Nanny (4 days/week) for B:3.5y September startBRACKENBURY VILLAGE W14: September startView
2253GENEVA: TOP, live-in Nanny/Governess -- bi-lingual English with either French or ItalianGENEVA + travel: TOP salary for top candidate! June start View
2251HOLLAND PARK + travel: Exp, Daily Nanny (G9, B6, B4 & G2.5) 8am - 7pm M - FHOLLAND PARK W11 + travel: driver required, ASAP May start View
2250KENSINGTON: Experienced, English speaking, Daily Nanny, M - F 9am-7pm (B3y, B2y & baby 6m)KENSINGTON W14 + travel: ASAP June startView
2249PARSONS GREEN: S/charge, Daily Nanny (Boys 5.5 & 2.5 years)PARSONS GREEN SW6: ASAP June start View
2248NEW YORK: Sole charge, Live-in Nanny for B5 & G3. Long standing NSJ clientsNEW YORK: June start (one year contract, visa restrictions apply, see below)View
2242HAMPSTEAD: Experienced, TOP, Rota Nanny (G6y + G8m, with N-B due Sept)HAMPSTEAD + travel: ASAP June/July start View
2240KENSINGTON W8: Daily Nanny (B2 & B4 years)KENSINGTON W8 + travel: ASAP June/July start View
2228HAMPSTEAD: TOP Daily Nanny for first baby (7 months)HAMPSTEAD + extensive travel: ASAP start View
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