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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
3407LADBROKE GROVE, W10: Daily Nanny (B4 & B2 years)LADBROKE GROVE W10 + travel: Feb start (driver helpful)View
3405HAMPSTEAD N2: Sole charge, Live-in trained Nanny (G3 yrs & B5mths)HAMPSTEAD N2: Feb start start (driver essential)View
3402WEST KENSINGTON W14: S/charge, Daily Nanny (G5 & B2 years)WEST KENSINGTON W14: Feb start View
3401CHELSEA SW3: S/charge, Live in Nanny (B2.5 yrs & G6 mths)CHELSEA SW3: Feb start View
3400OSLO: Live-in Nanny (sep apt) for B2 & new baby due FebOSLO NORWAY + travel: Feb start View
3397PARSONS GREEN, relocating to MAJORCA summer 2022 until summer 2023 (G3 yrs & B9 mnths)PARSONS GREEN, relocating to MAJORCA: Feb start (driver essential for Majorca)View
3396STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Live-in Nanny (G18 mths & N-B due springtime)STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN + travel: Jan start (driver & EU passport required)View
3395BERMUDA: Live-in, "Wing-Woman" to support busy family with 2 girls (11 & 8 years)BERMUDA + worldwide travel: Feb start (UK passport & confident driver essential)View
3394PUTNEY SW15: Combined Entity Daily Nanny for G: 3. Commence February 2022PUTNEY SW15: S/Charge Daily Nanny for Girl 3 years. Feb startView
3393SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Daily, Nanny/PA for 3 children (12, 10 & 8 years)SYDNEY AUSTRALIA + travel: July start (Australian passport holder or right of abode essential)View
3392KENSINGTON W8: *TOP*, Daily Nanny (B6.5y & G4y)KENSINGTON W8 + travel: ASAP Jan start (driver essential)View
3391MONACO: Experienced, Live-in Nanny (G nearly 4 years & the baby from the MN in April/May)MONACO: Jan start (EU passport & driver) sep apt suppliedView
3390ROME + travel: Live-in *English-speaking* Nanny (G4 & G1 yrs)ROME, PARIS, SWITZERLAND++: Feb start (EU passport holder)View
3389NOTTING HILL + travel: 24/5, Live-in Nanny, baby 4.5 mths. Feb start NOTTING HILL W11: Live in Nanny, Baby 4.5 mths. 24/5 View
3384BELGRAVIA SW1: Nanny (live-in OR daily) (B13 & B10 years)BELGRAVIA + travel: ASAP Feb start View
3383ST JOHNS WOOD NW8: Live-in OR Daily, First Nanny (baby boy 6 months)ST JOHNS WOOD, NW8 + travel: March start (driver req)View
3382KENSINGTON W8: Daily Nanny for 3 children (twins 4 & G1 yr)KENSINGTON W8: Feb start View
3381MAYFAIR: **TOP, degree-educated** Rota, Governess (2 boys, 8.5 & 5.5 years)MAYFAIR W1 + extensive travel: (driver required)View
3379HAMPSTEAD N2: Sole charge, Live-in trained Nanny (G3 yrs & B5mths)HAMPSTEAD N2: Feb start start (driver essential)View
3376SOUTH COTSWOLDS, GL7: Temp, Live-in Nanny (B6 & B4 years)LECHLADE/BURFORD, GL7: Jan start for Temp Nanny (driver req) View
3375REGENTS PARK NW1 + travel: Full time, Daily Nanny (B7.5 months)REGENTS PARK + travel. Early Feb start View
3374NOTTING HILL W2: S/charge, Daily Nanny (G3 years)NOTTING HILL W2: ASAP Jan start View
3369PARIS (16eme): Daily OR Live-in, English-speaking Nanny (B3 years & B1 year)PARIS (16eme): Feb start, (EU passport essential & driver preferred) View
3367KENSINGTON W8 + travel: TOP, Daily Nanny (G4.5 yrs & B6 mths) KENSINGTON W8 + travel: mid-Jan start (driver preferred)View
3366THE HAGUE, Netherlands + travel: First Nanny for B9.5 months (Live-in OR Daily)THE HAGUE, Netherlands + travel: Feb/March start (driver essential)View
3365MOSCOW: TOP, qualified **English MT**, Rota Manny/Governor (B7 years)MOSCOW: mid-January start View
3364WANDSWORTH SW18: S/charge, Daily Nanny (B7 & G5 yrs)WANDSWORTH SW18: Jan start (driver essential)View
3363WANDSWORTH: Rota Nanny (twin boys, 11 mths)WANDSWORTH + travel: Feb start + (driver helpful)View
3362ABU DHABI: Experienced, trained, English MT Teacher/Governess (B8 years)ABU DHABI: ASAP start (sep nanny apt) View
3360SHEPHERD'S BUSH: Four days/week, s/charge, Daily Nanny (B3 yrs & G18 mnths)SHEPHERD'S BUSH W12: Jan startView
3354NOTTING HILL: Daily, English MT, Nanny/Housekeeper (G3 years)NOTTING HILL W11 + travel: early 2022 start +View
3352OXFORDSHIRE: TOP, Mandarin-speaking Rota NannyOXFORDSHIRE: July start View
3351OXFORDSHIRE: TWO *top, trained*, English MT Rota NanniesOXFORDSHIRE + travel: July start View
3337CHELSEA: Daily Nanny (B5, G7 & B9 years)CHELSEA: Jan start View
3336CHELSEA: Daily Nanny (2 children 4 & 2 years)CHELSEA: Jan start View
3321ST JOHNS WOOD: TOP, 24/5, Live-in Nanny (B8 & G5 years)ST JOHNS WOOD + travel: Jan start (driver essential)View
3317FLORENCE, ITALY: **Italian, Rota Nanny** (B2.5 years)FLORENCE, ITALY + travel: April start (Italian MT)View
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