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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
3142HAMPSHIRE: Second Rota Nanny (B6 mths)HAMPSHIRE UK + travel: Sept start (driver essential)View
3141SOUTH KENSINGTON: DAILY Nanny (3 children: 8, 5 & 2 years)SOUTH KEN/KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: August start View
3138KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW7: Daily Nanny (G2.5y & B12m) - 45 hours/wkKNIGHTSBRIDGE SW7: Early August start View
3137CAMBERWELL SE5: Daily Nanny (G20 months)CAMBERWELL SE5: flexible early autumn startView
3136WIMBLEDON SW20: Daily Nanny/Manny (B8 years) (full time OR combined entity)WIMBLEDON SW20: ASAP start, driver preferredView
3135HAMPSTEAD: Experienced Rota Nanny (G8, G3 & B2 years) Russian or English MTHAMPSTEAD + travel: end Aug/Sept start View
3133HYDE PARK: Trained, experienced, Live-in Baby Nanny (G12 weeks)HYDE PARK: + sep accmd (English MT with second language + driver required)View
3130MONACO: Permanent, Rota, Nanny (twin boys 4.5 years)MONACO, GSTAAD, + travel: 2 week rota, from August 2021View
3128PIMLICO SW1: Top, Live-in OR Daily, s/charge Nanny (G9, B7 & B2 years)PIMLICO SW1 + future travel: early Sept start (driver essential)View
3126CHELSEA SW3: Daily + travel (G4 y & G11 w) 50 hour week,CHELSEA + travel: ASAP July start View
3124KNIGHTSBRIDGE: 24/4 Monday 10am - Friday 10am (B6.5y & B3.5y, G9m)KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: ASAP Aug start View
3123CHELSEA SW3: Educationally-trained, Rota Nanny (G5 yrs & B18 mths)CHELSEA SW3: Jan 2022 start (2 week on/off rota)View
3122CHELSEA: Educationally-trained, Live-in Nanny (G4.5 yrs & B16 mths)CHELSEA: August start View
3120MONACO + extensive travel: **Junior,** Live-In Nanny (G5 & B20 months)MONACO + extensive travel: ASAP July start View
3119CHELSEA SW3: Trained, English MT, Daily Nanny (B20 months & new baby due autumn)CHELSEA SW3: Sept start +View
3118WANDSWORTH COMMON: Sole charge, Live-in Nanny (G8 & B4 years)WANDSWORTH COMMON: Sept start (driver useful) +View
3116KENSINGTON W8: Daily/Live-in Nanny (B6.5y & G3.5y)KENSINGTON W8 + travel: Sept start (driver essential)View
3115WANDSWORTH COMMON: Live-in Nanny (G16 months)WANDSWORTH COMMON: ASAP July/Aug startView
3110ISLINGTON N7: S/charge, Daily Nanny (G5 years, G3 years & G2 months)ISLINGTON N7: Sept start View
3109BATTERSEA, relocating to STAFFORDSHIRE: Live-in Nanny (4 boys: twins 7, 5 & 3 years)BATTERSEA then relocating to STAFFORDSHIRE: August start *driver essential*View
3104HAMPSTEAD: **French-speaking**, Daily, Nanny (B8, G6 & B4.5 years)HAMPSTEAD NW3 + travel: View
3102SLOANE SQUARE: Sole charge, trained, Daily Nanny (G2 yrs & N-B due summer)SLOANE SQUARE: Aug/Sept start +View
3098HONG KONG: S/charge, DAILY Nanny (B4.5 & baby due end Oct)REPULSE BAY, HONG KONG + travel: Sept start (**driver essential**)View
3093NEWMARKET: TEMP, Live-in, Nanny (Wed to Sun for G20 months) 6 month contractNEWMARKET: July start for 6 month contract (driver essential, competitive salary available)View
3084BERMUDA: Top, *Norland-trained* Rota Nanny (EEC/UK passport) (B9 & G7 years)BERMUDA, LONDON, EUROPE++: early Sept start $$$$ (sep aprt & car)View
3083GENEVA: Live-in **ITALIAN MT** Nanny/Governess (3 children 16.5, 14.5 & nearly 10 years)GENEVA + travel: TOP salary for top candidate! Sept start (driver essential)View
3079KEW GARDENS TW9: Daily, sole charge Nanny (B5 & B3 years and G6 months)KEW GARDENS TW9: August start (driver preferred).View
+44 (0)207 610 9218