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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
2055SW1: Experienced SPANISH speaking Rota Nanny/Governess (2 week on/off rota) for B:3.5 yearsBELGRAVIA SW1 + travel: Good salary , Jan 2019 startView
2053GLOUCESTER ROAD SW7: English or French, s/charge, Daily Nanny (G7 + B3)GLOUCESTER ROAD SW7: Jan start View
2052MONACO: 2 candidates: Doula (for mum) AND Maternity Nurse (for first baby)MONACO: Feb start 2019 View
2051LONDON SW1: Live-in 24/5 Nanny/Cook (Mon-Fri)LONDON SW1 + travel: early 2019 startView
2050BELGRAVIA: Daily s/charge Nanny (3 children, 7, 8 & 10 years)BELGRAVIA: Jan start View
2049EMBANKMENT SE1: Degree educated, trained Rota Nanny/Governess (B:4 years)EMBANKMENT SE1: January start (two week rota)View
2047REGENTS PARK: 2 week on/off Rota Nanny (2 boys 4.5 & 2 years)REGENTS PARK & travel: Jan start - driver essential View
2046KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: Live-in Nanny Monday 10am to Friday 11am (boys 4.5 y & 16 m)KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: Jan start View
2044WIMBLEDON VILLAGE. , Live-in Nanny ( children 9 & 5 years) Jan/Feb -WIMBLEDON VILLAGE: Jan/Feb start, live in Nanny s/Charge G9 Boy 5View
2043NORTHUMBERLAND (+ NOTTING HILL): Live-in Nanny (B7 & G18 mths)NORTHUMBERLAND (+ NOTTING HILL): Jan start (driver essential)View
2042PARSONS GREEN SW6: S/Charge Daily Nanny (3 girls: 5, 2.5 & 1 year).PARSONS GREEN: Dec/Jan start View
2041BELGRAVIA: Live-in Nanny 24/6 (baby 3 months)BELGRAVIA (then St John's Wood): Jan startView
2040KENSINGTON W14: Daily Nanny (B3, B18 months & baby 3 mths)KENSINGTON + travel: Jan startView
2039NEW YORK: Top, s/charge , Daily Twins nanny, nearly one year old Jan $$$$NEW YORK: Green card or US passport ESSENTIAL. (Jan start, $$$$View
2038KENSINGTON W8: Daily Nanny (boys 4.5 yrs & 8 mnths_KENSINGTON W8: Jan start +View
2037OSLO: Nanny: Live-in Nanny (B2 & baby 3 mths)OSLO Norway: May 2019 + sep accmdView
2035TORONTO: Exp. Daily Nanny with Canadian passport (G: 2.5 years)TORONTO + travel: March (MUST be able to legally work in Canada)View
2034PARSONS GREEN: S/charge, live-in Nanny ( 2 boys 4.5 & 1 year)PARSONS GREEN: interviewing now (driver required)View
2033KENSINGTON W8 + travel: Live-in Nanny (24/4 OR 24/5)KENSINGTON W8 + travel: interviewing nowView
2032MONACO: May 2019. Nanny for 1st baby (to take over from NSJ MN)MONACO: May 2019 (sep apt + )View
2030WINKFIELD, BERKSHIRE: Live-in Nanny/House Manager (B9,G7 + twin boys 4 yrs)WINKFIELD, BERKSHIRE: late March 2019 start (driver essential)View
2028CHISWICK W4: Temporary Live-in Nanny (3rd Jan - 31st March)CHISWICK/RAVENSCOURT PARK: driver essentialView
2026MONACO: Experienced, trained Live-in Nanny (3 children - G4.5, B2 + G 7mths)MONACO: interviewing now for an ASAP start (separate accmd + )View
2024WESTMINSTER SW1P: Rota Nanny for twin boys (13.5 mths)WESTMINSTER SW1P + travel: View
2022NOTTING HILL W2 + TRAVEL : Very experienced, TOP Daily Nanny (G:18 months) NOTTING HILL W2 + extensive travel: March 2019 start View
2021Holland Park: Daily OR Live-in Nanny (afternoons in term time & full time holidays)HOLLAND PARK + travel: early Jan start, (driver req)View
2019HIGHGATE: Rota Nanny (twins 4 years), 7 days on/offHIGHGATE: interviewing now View
2018BELGRAVIA SW1: Live-in OR Daily Nanny (boys 9 & 7 years) BELGRAVIA + travel: Live-in OR Daily View
2017SEER GREEN, BUCKS: Daily Nanny (Girls: 4.5 & 2 yrs)BUCKINGHAMSHIRE: (driver essential) January startView
2015KENSINGTON: Live-in Nanny (8, 6 & 2 years)KENSINGTON: Jan start View
2012PICCADILLY: 2 x Maternity Nurses (24/6 AND 24/1) for first babyPICCADILLY: early May (bookings for 3 months)View
2010ABU DHABI: Nanny/Governess for 4 children, (8, 7, 6 & 4 years)ABU DHABI: sep apartment, car & View
2008MONACO: TWO S/charge, Rota Baby Nannies for twins (born early Sept)MONACO: ASAP startView
2006PUTNEY: Sole charge daily Nanny (G:1 year)PUTNEY: Jan 2019 startView
1981SHOREDITCH. Maternity Nurse for 2nd babySHOREDITCH: Feb 2019: 3 mth bookingView
1949GENEVA: TOP live-in Nanny - bi-lingual English with either French or ItalianGENEVA: TOP salary for top candidate!View
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