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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
4523KENSINGTON W8 + travel: trained & experienced, Live-in Nanny (1st baby)KENSINGTON W8 + travel: Oct start (sep accmd)View
4522CHELSEA SW3: 7 day, **Daily, Rota** Nanny (G11 months + new baby due July, MN booked)CHELSEA SW3: ASAP start View
4520MONACO + travel: Daily OR Live-in (sep accmd), native English-speaking Nanny (G7.5 & B4.5 years)MONACO + extensive travel: summer start (**EU passport + confident driver essential**)View
4519DUBAI + travel: **French-speaking**, Rota Governess/qualified Teacher (B5 years) May start DUBAI, UAE + travel: June start View
4518** CALIFORNIA (near San Jose) ** Live-out Rota Nanny, 4 children** CALIFORNIA (near San Jose): Summer start (**RIGHT TO WORK IN THE USA ESSENTIAL**)View
4516CHELSEA SW10 + travel: Rota (1 week on/off) Nanny/PA (3 children: G10, G8 & B4 yearsCHELSEA SW10 + travel: July/August start (driver essential)View
4515DUBAI, UAE + travel: Experienced, **native English MT** Rota Nanny (G10.5, G5.5 & B4.5 years)DUBAI, UAE + travel: ASAP summer start View
4514CHELSEA SW3: trained, Combined Entity, Daily Nanny (G8, B6 & G3 years)CHELSEA SW3: June start (driver essential)View
4512NEWMARKET: Top, trained Rota Nanny (G4 & G2.5 years)NEWMARKET + travel: June start (driver essential) View
4511FULHAM SW6: Live-in Nanny (G8 & B6 years)FULHAM SW6: summer start + gorgeous separate apartment (driver required)View
4509KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: **Trained, native English, Retainer, SEN Nanny** (3 children; 9, 7 & 3.5 years)KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: ASAP June start View
4508LONDON NW6: Daily Nanny/"Manny" (2 children; 10 & 7 years)LONDON NW6: June start + (driver essential, car provided)View
4504CHELSEA SW3 + travel: Daily Nanny (B5 & G3 years)CHELSEA SW3 + travel: summer start (driver essential)View
4503KENSINGTON + travel: Live-in **Rota Nannies** for G4 yearsKENSINGTON W8: ASAP summer start View
4500LONDON, GREECE, SWITZERLAND++: **Top**, trained & experienced, professional, Live-in Nanny (B3 years)HOLLAND PARK, KLOSTERS, ATHENS++: August start + **EU passport + UK Settled Status essential**View
4499OMAN + travel: **English MT** Governess (G7 & G5 years)OMAN + travel: flexible start date from now until August View
4494KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: **Trained** Daily Nanny (B6.5 years & B22 months)KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: ASAP start + driver essential View
4493ABU DHABI: Experienced, **medically-qualified** Maternity Nurse (B8 months)ABU DHABI: ASAP June start (sep. accmd) View
4492CHELSEA SW3: Daily OR Live-in, **Norland or Teacher-trained** Nanny/PA (G8 & B5.5 years)CHELSEA SW3: June start (confident driver essential) View
4478NOTTING HILL W2: Daily Nanny (B4 years & B6 months) May startNOTTING HILL W2: ASAP start View
4475ROME, ITALY & ST. MORITZ + travel: Native English, Junior Nanny (G2.5 years)ROME, ITALY & ST. MORITZ + travel: ASAP start (native English with EU passport)View
4471CHELSEA SW10 + travel: Household/Children's PACHELSEA SW10 + travel: ASAP May start View
4465MONACO + travel: Formally-trained Nanny (eg: Norland) for 4 girls (1 - 7 years & new baby in June)MONACO: ASAP start (**EU passport essential**)View
4462INDIA + international travel: TWO x professionally-trained, Junior, Retainer Nannies for formal householdINDIA + travel: spring/summer start View
4452ISTANBUL & travel: Live-in Nanny (B3 years)ISTANBUL + travel: ASAP start View
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