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Full-Time Vacancies

Job ID Position Location  
2389CENTRAL LONDON: Daily, "London" Nanny (B:3yrs & G:1.5yrs)CENTRAL LONDON (exact location TBC): end Sept startView
2388ISLINGTON N1: Daily Nanny (G4 and N-B due Aug 2019)ISLINGTON + travel: Sept start View
2385MAYFAIR: Trained, Live-in Baby Nanny (G8, B6 & B8 mths)MAYFAIR W1 + travel: Sept start + sep accmd.View
2384FULHAM: Experienced, s/charge, Daily Nanny (B4y, B3y & G7m)FULHAM SW6: October start (driver essential)View
2383DALSTON N1: 4 days/week, sole charge, Nanny/Housekeeper (G5y & G3y)DALSTON: N1: Sept start (42 hours/week)View
2382QUEENS PARK W10: Fabulous s/charge, Live-in Nanny position! (baby 3 mths)QUEENS PARK W10: Oct start (driver & dog-lover essential)View
2381FINSBURY PARK: Sole charge, Daily Nanny (baby will be 11 mths)FINSBURY PARK N4: January 2020 startView
2380LEYTONSTONE E11: S/charge, Daily Nanny (B:13m)LEYTONSTONE E11 (trendy E London!): Sept startView
2378BRACKENBURY VILLAGE W14: S/charge, Daily Nanny (4 days/week) for B:3.5y September startBRACKENBURY VILLAGE W14: September startView
2377BAHRAIN: Children's PA/Play Organiser (G9y, twin boys 7y & B10 m)BAHRAIN + travel: Sept start for VIP clients ( + accmd)View
2376HONG KONG: Top, trained (Norland, Chiltern or Princess Christian) Nanny (B:14 months)HONG KONG: VIP clients, Aug/Sept start View
2375FULHAM SW6: Top, Live-in Nanny for G3 years & B18 mths.FULHAM SW6: + sep aptView
2373NOTTING HILL: Top, Live-in 24/5 Nanny (boys 6 & 4.5 (at school), and G6 mths)NOTTING HILL + travel: September start with TOP weekly salaryView
2372LONDON SE1: S/charge, Daily Nanny (G 's 6.5y & 11m)London SE1: October start (one year maternity cover contract)View
2371DUBAI UAE: Governess/Children's PA for Girl 13 and Boy 11.DUBAI UAE: Sept start + private accmdView
2369PARIS/LONDON: Maternity Nurse 1st baby Jan 2020 (then two rota nannies)PARIS/LONDON: mid-Jan 2020 for 3 month bookingView
2365KENSINGTON W8: Maternity Nurse (baby #3)KENSINGTON W8 + travel: October start for 12 month MN bookingView
2364STAMFORD BROOK: Daily Nanny/Housekeeper for 3 little boys (70% Nanny/30% Housekeeping)STAMFORD BROOK W12: immediate start (50-60 hours/week).View
2363STAMFORD BROOK: Shared care, Live-in Nanny (3 little boys, 2 yrs & twins 4 mnths)STAMFORD BROOK W12: to start by Sept (driver preferred)View
2360KENSINGTON: Native SPANISH, Rota Nanny (G3.5 & B5 mths)KENSINGTON + travel: ASAP start (2 week on/off rota) View
2359KNIGHTSBRIDGE: Rota Nanny (2 boys: 5 years & 21 months)KNIGHTSBRIDGE + travel: ASAP start View
2357NOTTING HILL W2 + travel: Live-in OR Daily, s/charge, SEN NannyNOTTING HILL W2 + travel: September start (driver preferred)View
2355ZURICH: 24/5, TRAINED, English MT, Live-in, s/charge Nanny (B:2.5 years)ZURICH: November/December start (great salary + accmd)View
2354NOTTING HILL W10: Live-in, "Junior-style" Nanny/Housekeeper (3 children: 8, 6 & 3 yrs)NOTTING HILL W10: Sept startView
2353SOUTH KENSINGTON SW7: Very experienced, s/charge, Daily, Baby Nanny (B:3.5m)SOUTH KENSINGTON SW7: Sept start View
2349SOUTHFIELDS: "Junior", Live-in, s/charge Nanny (G 2.5 years)SOUTHFIELDS: September startView
2348BEACONSFIELD BUCKS: Trained, Live-in OR Daily Nanny (G4, G2 & N-B)BEACONSFIELD, BUCKS: Sept start (driver essential)View
2347HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON: FOUR DAYS/WEEK s/charge, Daily Nanny (3 & 1 yrs)HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON: flexible start (anytime from Sept, but by Jan 2020) ++View
2346MONACO: Experienced, Permanent Italian speaking Nanny (B:16 mths)MONACO + travel: Sept start (sep apt + ) Italian speaking NannyView
2344GENEVA: TOP, live-in Nanny/Governess: bi-lingual English with either French or ItalianGENEVA + travel: TOP salary for top candidate! Sept start View
2338HOLLAND PARK + travel: Daily Nanny (G3.5y + B18m)HOLLAND PARK + travel: October start ++ (driver preferred)View
2336ABU DHABI: Career Nanny for boy 18 monthsABU DHABI: & sep accmdView
2335ABU DHABI: VERY experienced Nanny (G:15 mths)ABU DHABI: + sep accmdView
2326KENSINGTON: Experienced, English-speaking, Daily Nanny, M - F 9am-7pmKENSINGTON W14 + travel: ASAP startView
2325MONACO: TOP, top rota Nanny for B6 mths (2 week on/off rota)MONACO: ASAP start (sep apt + ) driver essentialView
2324ZURICH: Live in s/charge Nanny (sep accmd) for 2 girls: 3.5y & 20mZURICH: & sep accmdView
2323SHOREDITCH: Live-In Nanny for 2 Children (G3 + B7-months)SHOREDITCH: Sept start ( + nanny flat)View
2316NOTTING HILL: Italian-speaking, Daily Nanny (Mon-Fri 50 hrs) for 2 boys: 1 & 2.5 yearsNOTTING HILL + travel: Sept startView
2313MAYFAIR: Trained, Live-in Baby Nanny (G8, B6 & B8 mths)MAYFAIR W1 + travel: Sept start + sep accmd.View
2287ABU DHABI: VERY experienced Nanny (G:15 mths)ABU DHABI: + sep accmdView
+44 (0)207 610 9218