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Top Halloween Activities to Entertain Little Monsters!

Top Halloween Activities to Entertain Little Monsters! Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is a great opportunity to get creative with your charges and have some well-deserved fun. Whilst of course, trick or treating can be great, there are many other activities that can excite children, send shivers down their spines and have them sleeping soundly by the end of the day.

Making Costumes:

Children have excellent ideas when it comes to dressing up and often there are things that you can do to prepare this costume together. Being a part of the preparation builds the anticipation for a child, making them count down the days to the big event. Hiring a costume is great but creating one can be much more fun. Whether you are a dab hand at using a sewing machine or simply pick up some craft materials, glue and a white sheet – your masterpiece awaits. This craft activity will keep your charges occupied for hours as they strive for perfection.

Stir the Cauldron:

Cooking with little ones can be a little challenging at times but if you are prepared and turn it into a witch’s cauldron, it can be great fun. Ask them to throw in the ‘frogs legs’ and ‘magic dust’ whilst muttering a little spell together – what will their creation be called on the menu? If you are not comfortable with having them help you make spicy beef stew for dinner, how about baking some ghostly cookies instead. These could even be handed out to trick or treaters in the evening!

Decorate that Pumpkin:

Sitting at the table together and decorating your pumpkin is a great way to spend an afternoon. Whilst you will have to do a lot of the actual carving, challenge the youngsters to draw their chosen scary face on to the pumpkin before you begin to cut. Having a little competition with prizes can be a fun incentive. With categories such as scariest face, most unique design and funniest expression, there is an opportunity for them all to win something.

Scavenger Hunt:

Whilst trick or treating can be fun, not everyone is comfortable with their children taking part in this activity. However, holding a scavenger hunt for the children and maybe even some of their friends will be just as exhilarating. To ensure that this activity has the desired effect, you will need to add some Halloween decorations to various parts of the house or garden and play some accompanying eerie music. Provide clues and treasure to collect as they move around the setting – perhaps they could even hunt for the monster!

Story telling:

After a long day of activities, storytelling is a great way to calm down and allow your charge’s imagination to wander. Whether you tell a story of your own or perhaps read ‘Hansel and Gretel’ or ‘Peppa Pig’s Halloween’, they will be thrilled by their character’s adventure. Choose the tale wisely to suit your charge, their age and their interests and enjoy bringing the story to life.

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