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“Remember, Remember the 5th November…”

“Remember, remember the 5th November…” Bonfire night is fast approaching and who can resist getting wrapped up warm with a hat and scarf, tucking into a jacket potato and watching the flames flicker whilst the Catherine wheels spin. It is a beautiful time of year and one that the whole family will love. With lots of activities to enjoy around fireworks night, what sorts of things can you get up to?

Get Creative..

Why not get some paints and allow your charges to create their whizz-bang firework display on a page. Rockets, Roman candles, fountains and Catherine wheels can delight your visual senses by using sponges or paint brushes for different effects. Alternatively, use a range of materials to create a leafy, autumnal coloured bonfire and an explosive masterpiece. This piece will definitely take prime position on the fridge.

Story time..

It is often the case that we celebrate an event and forget the significant history behind it. Depending on the age of your charge, you could perhaps tell them a brief version of the history of the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes. Without going into too much detail for the younger children, this historic event is full of tension and adventure and will thrill your little ones. If you are finding it difficult to tell the story, look for a short cartoon or comic to help you as there are lots of resources for children online.

Cooking with a Bang..

Getting creative in the kitchen is always fun as the children can take on the roles of sous chefs and you will all have something tasty to eat at the end of it. This, along with teaching patience, is reason enough to have a go. Whether you decide to make a hearty soup to eat during the display, some delicious toffee apples or firework themed cookies, your charges will love tasting these delights.

Bonfire Night..

Helping to organise a fireworks display and a bonfire in the back garden or taking the children to a local event requires careful thought. If you are staying at the house, ensure you consider the safety issues first and read advice carefully when planning on lighting fireworks, bonfires and sparklers. Bonfire night can be great fun but also has the potential to be incredibly dangerous if not approached with caution. For more advice on the health and safety elements, visit: https://www.fireservice.co.uk/safety/bonfires

Time to Sparkle..

For those children who love to perform, why not turn them into little fireworks after the display and help them to produce their own firework show. It will be chaotic, loud and will require some outdoor space but they will have lots of fun pretending to whirl and swirl through the sky, exploding into a shower of colours at the end. This would be a great piece to perform to parents later on or film for those parents who are travelling with work.

Stay warm, stay safe and have a blast!

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