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Sparkling Activities this Christmas

c Christmas is on its way and as jingle bells ring and the elves busily bustle on, it is time for you to create Christmas magic for excited little ones. Whilst it is sometimes easier to wrap them up in hats, coats and scarves and head outside to play, what activities can you immerse them in when the weather is bleak and all of the family are busy with preparations?

Little Helpers!

Decorating the tree, house and garden is wonderful and creating an enchanting setting will captivate youngsters and their imaginations. Involving them in this process is the best way to keep them busy and make them feel a part of Christmas from the very beginning. Help your charge to create baubles, tree decorations, a crepe paper wreath, festive bunting for the stairs or perhaps some crackers for the table.

There are hundreds of crafty decoration ideas that are cheap and fun to do; grab your PVA glue, scissors and glitter and spread some Christmas sparkle.

DIY Gifts

Creating gifts for people is an amazing way to teach children how to be thoughtful and put effort into something for someone else. Whether your charge prefers to draw, bake or make music, there is always a gift that can be made and delivered using their skills. Decide carefully on whether you will help them to create gingerbread men, Christmas tree cookies, Christmas cards, artwork for each grandparent or a song to perform after Christmas dinner and get to work.

If baking, please note: it is imperative to make extra cookies to allow your charge to conduct a quality assurance taste test before carefully wrapping them up. You may want to try one too…

Play Together

Once the decorations are up, the Christmas tunes are blaring and the biscuits are cooling, it is time to tackle a trivia game, snakes and ladders or a puzzle. Playing board games at any time of year is great fun but at Christmas, it attracts other people and before you know it, the whole family is joining in. For younger children, work in teams to bring them together and help them to feel included. If you have a lot of spare time, encourage your charge to make the board game themselves with rules and cards written up for them to share with their family after an enjoyable meal.


Whilst you may not watch a huge amount of television with your charges, there is nothing better than relaxing on the sofa and watching a Christmas film after a busy day. Whether you prefer a classic like ‘The Snowman’ or a modern animation such as ‘Arthur Christmas’, there are many great films to choose from. Pour a cup of hot chocolate, curl up and enjoy.

Giving and Kindness

It is easy to be swept up in the excitement of presents, food and family but helping your charge to do some nice deeds for others will allow them to feel the true spirit of Christmas. Help your charge to have the best Christmas yet and spread some Christmas magic to those around you.

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