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Fighting the January Blues

Jan With the December festivities over, the demands of work increasing and family and friends hibernating from the cold, January can be a tricky and potentially lonely month. It has a different impact on everyone and whilst some launch themselves into the New Year full of hope and excitement, others find the dark mornings and evenings difficult and struggle to motivate themselves to have fun. Taking a proactive approach against the negative elements is the only way to blast through the winter into spring.

Outdoor fun:

Although the wind may be biting, wrapping up warm and heading outside will have a significant impact on how you feel. With the lack of daylight, it is important to ensure that you are taking advantage of the sunshine when it appears and taking children to the park or for a brisk walk when you can. Lunch hours provide the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air, maintaining a happy mood and leading to a hot cup of tea when you return. Remember to dress warm as staying warm keeps you smiling.

Healthy Eating:

When people feel a little low, it is easy to turn to food that requires no thought and fills you up instantly. Whether this is fast food, biscuits or crisps, put these on the top shelf and make something that will help your body to keep you happy and healthy. Eating warm and hearty meals will give you your daily dose of vitamins and provide you with your protective layer against the cold. Think about your portion sizes as over eating can have a negative impact on your mood and may result in you wishing to hibernate from the world. Use food as way to be creative and enjoy making delicious meals for you and your charge.


The TV provides a excellent excuse though winter to sit and watch series after series with the curtains shut. However, this entertainment is nothing in comparison to socialising with other people and having fun with your friends. You may be busy with work, tired from a long day or just not in the mood but when you get there, you will be happy that you have made the effort. Make sure you have an event with friends at least once a week and put the remote control down.

Make some plans:

January is the perfect time to look ahead and think about things that you would like to achieve throughout the year. Why not use these dark evenings to plan a trip, start a course or get fit? Making plans and preparations will give you something to focus on and look forward to which can only have a positive impact on your mood. Be proactive, you do not need to try and conquer the world in one go but small steps towards your goal will be a satisfying start to 2019.

January blues can hit people hard when they least expect it. Make sure you are talking to people and are surrounded by friends and family if and when you need them. With January comes new beginnings, embrace these and enjoy the start to your year.

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