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Born to Parent - Industry Experts to Help Hone Skills

cc Navigating our way through childhood can be full of rollercoaster twists, turns, highs and lows. As a nanny, supporting children through this turbulent development and helping to raise children through their infancy, early childhood and into adolescence is a huge honour and great responsibility. Therefore, it is essential to stay focussed on your professional development and improvement to best support the young people and the families you work with.

Deciding which skills you would like to refresh or which area of childcare you would like to develop will depend on the family you work with and the young person or people that you support. Whilst using search engines is a good way to find courses and classes to aid your progression, there are also some amazing companies that Nannies of St James can recommend that provide a full range of professional training and support for nannies. Although we have lots of ideas to help you, read on to find out more about our first recommendation.

Born to Parent:

Born to Parent is a company that provides a full range of training and support to parents, nannies and other caregivers. Due to the vast experience that the three founders have in education, care and support, they have produced a range of courses that will help people when working with infants, toddlers, children and teenagers, each carefully crafted to suit the needs of the child. So what sorts of things do they offer?


Courses and classes are subject to change so it is best to check with the website. However, see below for a list of current courses to establish which ones could entice you and would be useful for your own professional development.

Baby Healthcare Study Day = This course will help you to develop greater understanding of SIDs, tongue tie, reflux, colic, vaccinations and common colds for children up to one year old. Recognising these things and advice on what to do will be provided.

Sleep training = this can be so difficult to tackle as each baby has different needs. This well-researched course provides you with different methods to help a baby go to sleep.

Toddlers = whether you want to understand the behaviour of toddlers, teach them positive routines or simply learn some top tips in teaching good manners, self-soothing at bed time or removing infant habits, this is the course for you.

Teenagers = if you happen to work with older children, you may wish to gain additional knowledge on how they should best approach things such as exams, university or even gap years. All of these topics are life changing and supporting an adolescent through these decisions is imperative.

Bespoke = Born to Parent will run courses on site or will bring the learning to you. If there is a specific gap in your knowledge or you and your fellow nannies wish to club together to receive training, get in touch and see what they can do.

Born to Parent have offices in Putney and Fulham and come highly recommended.

For more information, visit: http://www.borntoparent.co.uk or email: Emily Rittner-McKinley (emily@borntoparent.co.uk) / Georgie Bateman (georgie@borntoparent.co.uk) for more course details and bookings.

This is just one of many amazing local experts on your doorstep. Look out for more introductions to other helpful companies!

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