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Sports Day Superheroes!

sports day In the final weeks of the school term, sports days will become one of the key events for the calendar. Whether it is the egg and spoon race, the 100m sprint or the sack race, lots of children will be ready to compete, keeping a keen eye locked on the trophy. So, how can you prepare your charge for this event?

Love or hate?

Some children love playing sport and thrive on the idea of doing this in a competitive arena. Others feel daunted by the prospect of competing in front of people and being held accountable for the result. Every child is different and so helping them to prepare in their individual way is important. For those children who are nervous of sports day, help them to cope by discussing the events they will have to take part in and perhaps by practicing this activity with them in the back garden. Make them understand that treating this day as a bit of fun is the best way to approach it. You will be there to cheer them on!

Win or lose..

Whilst some dread the thought of this competition, others are ready to battle. Educating your charge in how to be sensitive towards other people and humble when winning is an important life lesson. Of course, a little competition can be a great thing and will develop pride in a child’s achievements. However, learning how to win and lose gracefully is hugely important and will help them to develop respect for others. Discuss the idea of winning and losing before the day to help them to understand how best to celebrate or commiserate.

Summer Sports Days..

Although there is only one sports day at school, this does not have to be the end for you and your charge. Organise a mini sports day for them and invite some of their friends along. This is an excellent way to build their confidence when competing and to have some fun in a smaller setting. If your charges are younger, a simple playdate obstacle course will provide the perfect opportunity to get little ones moving, allowing them to experience a mini sports day of their own.

Rapid runners..

If your little one has enjoyed all of these activities and wants to stay active, there are some local events in August and September to be prepared for. Richmond Runfest and Mini Mudders are just two events that will put your charge to the test. Have a look for other events in your local area to find out if this is something you should book onto and get ready to race.

Sporting fun is everywhere; take advantage of the summer holidays and challenge your charge to some healthy competitive fun. They’ll love it.

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