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  • Fighting the January Blues

    With the December festivities over, the demands of work increasing and family and friends hibernating from the cold, January can be a tricky and potentially lonely month. It has a different impact on everyone and whilst some launch themselves into the New Year full of hope and excitement, others find the dark mornings and evenings difficult and struggle to motivate themselves to have fun. Taking a proactive approach against the negative elements is the only way to blast through the winter into spring.

  • Sleep Training Strategies

    Sleep training is widely discussed amongst parents, carers and nannies and can often be a daunting but necessary consideration. However, as with anything child-related, there are no definitive guidelines and, instead, a range strategies to choose from that require patience and consistency. Deciding which strategy works for you, the family and the baby is a personal choice and will depend on many factors. Make sure you are ready to commit to whatever you decide and stick at it.

  • Speech and Language – Look who’s talking now!

    Communication is key in any relationship and it is no different between a child and an adult. However, deciphering what a young child means and responding in a clear and simple manner can sometimes present a challenge. Helping an older child to continue their language journey is important but how do you know which strategies will help?
    From a very early age, babies learn to communicate with their parents and carers. Crying is the first form of communication that informs us that they need something. When a child is approximately 6 months old, they develop the ability to babble and 6 months later, this turns into their first words. By the time a child is around 24 months old, they will be stringing words together.

  • Terrible Twos!

    Torturous tantrums and embarrassing episodes are a natural part of raising or caring for a toddler. These little outbursts are actually a positive sign that the child is developing feelings and thoughts of their own. Whilst this is all very well, it does not help when you are in the supermarket carpark with bags and a bawling baby. So what can you do to help the situation and survive the terrible twos?

  • Half Term Adventures!

    Half term is here and your little charges are ready for a break from school and are hoping for some time to relax, have fun and refuel. For you, this means entertaining these energetic bundles and keeping them busy. So what activities keep children occupied and engaged through their half term holidays? From museums to parks to treasure trails, it’s time to get outside, hope the sun shines and let the adventures begin..

+44 (0)207 610 9218