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  • Winter Warmers for Hungry Little Tummies

    Quick, healthy and warming meals are essential at this time of year, so here are some ideas if you’re keen to expand, improve, or change up your winter cooking repertoire!

  • Winter Safety for Nannies and Children

    The weather has taken a real turn in the past couple of weeks and the nights are drawing in so early now too! As much as the summer months present their own set of hazards to children, winter time has its own perils to content with. Here’s our simple guide to keeping everybody healthy and safe as we move into the colder winter months.

  • Beating The Teenage January Blues

    Many of us feel like the wind has come out of our sails in January for a number of reasons, but for teens with exams looming and other adolescent stresses to contend with, this can be an especially difficult time. Here are five ways to help your teenage charges beat those blues this January!

  • Demand for Private Tutors at All Time High

    Private tuition has become an essential and extremely valuable service to many of the families we work with, and we are always keen to meet highly-educated, experienced individuals to join our network of private tutors. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to register with Nannies of St. James as a private tutor. We’d love to her from you!

  • Four Simple Ways to Play Together

    Play needn’t always be a scheduled event – you can and should embed playful learning into the simplest of activities when you are looking after children. The more you do it, the easier and more naturally it will come to you – and while we constantly drag children into the adult world of appointments, rules, deadlines and routines, it’s important for caregivers to enter into the world of the child. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Ski Trip Tips for Nannies

    This is the time of year that nannies start accompanying their employers on ski trips all over the world. Whether you’ll be skiing with your charges or on household and babysitting duties back at the chalet, here are some tried-and-tested tips from those who’ve been there and done that… and got the goggle marks to prove it!

  • The Best of February Half Term in London

    February half term is here and there is oh so much to see and do in London town this week! Here’s our quick round-up of all the capital’s hottest tickets. Wrap up warm and get out there!

  • A Simple Guide to Rewards & Sanctions

    Saying ‘well done’ to your charges when they’ve behaved well or achieved something new is the most powerful thing you can do to reinforce that behaviour and see it repeated. Likewise, a consistent regime for dealing with undesirable behaviour is the most likely way to smooth it out. As with all aspects of discipline, parents will have specific wishes for how you manage their children in their absence, so always run your ideas past the parents before getting your rewards and sanctions system underway.

  • Fun Things To Do When You’re Snowed In!

    Whether your charges are off school for the day or if you’re looking after pre-schoolers as the ‘Beast from the East’ arrives this week, here are the best things to do and places to see for children when the snow settles in the capital.

  • Mother's Day 2018

    Whether you’re working with your household on Mothering Sunday of if you’ve been asked to prepare a gift, an activity, or simple cards for Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of five thoughtful ways to help your charges celebrate with their beloved mothers on March 11th.

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