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  • The Importance of a Nanny Diary

    Communication between a nanny and an employer is paramount. The children’s welfare, day-to-day organisation and positive working relationships depend on it. Having spoken with nannies about what works for them, we have provided some advice on how best to create a nanny diary, maintaining efficient and effective communication throughout.

  • Top Halloween Activities to Entertain Little Monsters!

    Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is a great opportunity to get creative with your charges and have some well-deserved fun. Whilst of course, trick or treating can be great, there are many other activities that can excite children, send shivers down their spines and have them sleeping soundly by the end of the day.

  • Exploring the Great Outdoors

    Exploration, discovery and adventure are a huge part of childhood. Opportunities to become little investigators, surveying their surroundings can provide endless entertainment for children and allow them to develop great new skills. Whilst summer may have disappeared, autumn is an incredible time of year to put on some wellies, wrap up warm and take advantage of the fresh air and natural surroundings. Here are just a few ideas of things to do outdoors.

  • Maintaining a Positive Working Relationship

    Striking the balance between professional and personal relationships in the workplace can be somewhat challenging at times; managing this when a nanny is working in a family home can be even harder. How do people separate the personal and the professional? How do nannies maintain a work-life balance? Is it possible for an employer to welcome a nanny into their family home whilst sustaining a professional relationship? There are various things that both parties can do to ensure that they are building a positive working relationship that lasts.

  • Arm Yourselves for Autumn!

    As autumn draws in, it is time to start considering how to provide your charge (and yourselves) with the vitamins and minerals they need to stay fit and healthy during the colder months. Along with the lack of sunlight and change in temperature, the exhaustion of going back to school and the germs spread amongst children make colds and coughs inevitable. However, a vibrant diet full of nutrients will help to build the immune system, hopefully resulting in a speedy recovery from any common cold.

  • NSJ Tips: Back to School

    After a long and beautiful summer, it is time to pull out the school rucksack, polish the shoes and get ready for the first term of this academic year. Whether your charge/s are starting school, starting at a new school or simply returning for the next school year, the first couple of weeks could be a rollercoaster of excitement and anxiety. Supporting children through this transition is crucial and your sensitivity can make a huge difference to their adjustment.

  • To read, or not to read: that is the question!

    To read, or not to read: that is the question. Whether for pleasure, to study or simply to pass the time, reading plays a vital role in every child’s development. From birth all the way through to adulthood, it allows children to explore a range of concepts, situations and cultures, developing their own opinions and ideas as they turn the page.

  • A Guide to Keeping Little People Cool in the Heat

    With the UK heatwave showing no signs of ending anytime soon, we thought we would put together some great tips for keeping babies, toddlers and children a little cooler on hot days and warmer-than-usual evenings. Bedtime can be a particular challenge when children are already hot, so part of the solution is preventing them from overheating in the day. The rest of the battle is keeping temperatures down in their room – and we have some really clever hacks for doing both!

  • Summer Holiday Fun in London!

    The summer holidays are here (or nearly here for some) and London town has plenty to offer children of all ages for the coming weeks. Here are some of the activities and events topping our must-see lists…

  • Garden Safety in the Summer Time!

    Summer is really here in the UK and this means lots more time in the garden for our nannies and charges. As with all play venues, a ‘nanny risk assessment’ should be performed frequently for time spent in the garden, so why not refresh yourself now?

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