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  • Technology Treasure and Traps!

    Technology has become one of the ruling classes of our society. Its gradual spread over the last 10 years into pockets, homes, cars and classrooms has had both positive and negative impacts on our lives, forcing us to make changes. Some have embraced this digital world and are fully connected to the web, using it to write to-do lists, shop, listen to music, find locations and provide instant answers to every possible question. Others feel overwhelmed by this surge in technological power and try to keep it to the bare minimum. Whilst weighing up how we use technology in our own lives is important, considering the impact it has on children is imperative.

  • Easter Activities for all!

    Are you struggling to think of some excellent Easter activities to entertain and enthuse little ones over the long weekend? Do you want to engage them in something other than simply gorging on chocolate treats? Then look no further. Easter weekend is the perfect time to get together, create and have some fun - below are some ideas to help.

  • Eco-friendly World for Children

    Being more eco-friendly and having a greater awareness of our actions and their implications on our world has become a hot topic. Whether we are considering our day-to-day habits or making more serious changes to our lifestyles, it is time to make the alterations that we can to help our environment, ensuring that we leave the world in a healthy state for future generations.

  • Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

    Organising a child’s birthday party can be both exciting and exhausting as the pressure of the extended family and friends lands on your shoulders. Whilst logistics can be tricky, one other small issue is the desire to compete with other parties - make sure your focus is on planning a great day that everyone will enjoy! This does not have to include space travel, cross-country gallivanting or presenting children with diamond goodie bags – sometimes, less is more..

  • Weaning Part Two – 10 Months and onwards!

    Introducing a baby to food is an amazing adventure. Having already given your charge their first delightful tastes of fruit and veg, it is time to move on. Whether you are doing baby led weaning or not, introducing foods gradually is crucial to allow babies to develop their taste buds and to ensure you are able to identify any allergies that appear.

  • The Importance of Being Exercised

    In our fast-paced, technologically enthused and culinary diverse society, we are presented with more challenges when it comes to keeping our little people active, healthy and fit. Whilst some children love to run around and play outside, others try to avoid it at all costs and require a little more motivation. So, why is exercise so important and how do you encourage little ones to get involved.

  • Weaning Part 1 - Top tips for getting started!

    Weaning a baby from breast milk or formula to solids is an exciting stage in their development. It can be a colourfully chaotic, hilariously messy and frantically frustrating process that allows a baby to explore different tastes and textures, awakening all of the senses to the world of flavours. Milk will still be their main source of nutrients for the next few months but this is the beginning of a wonderful transition.

  • Identifying and Coping with Allergies

    Allergies can be alarming and sometimes life threatening. They can appear out of nowhere, vary in severity and force you to act quickly. Therefore, understanding a charge’s allergies is crucial when ensuring their safety.

  • Helpful Advice or Careless Criticism?

    In today’s society, judgement is everywhere. Whether this is in the form of a look from a stranger, a throwaway comment from a friend or open criticism from a co-worker, it is something that we all have to face and it can sometimes be hard not to take these things to heart. Realising the skill set that you have and accepting that every child will work and behave differently is the first step to coping with this criticism; knowing which bits of advice to listen to and which to ignore is the second step – so how do you cope with all of this?

  • Half Term Adventures!

    Half term is here and your little charges are ready for a break from school and are hoping for some time to relax, have fun and refuel. For you, this means entertaining these energetic bundles and keeping them busy. So what activities keep children occupied and engaged through their half term holidays? From museums to parks to treasure trails, it’s time to get outside, hope the sun shines and let the adventures begin..

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