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  • Sleep Training Strategies

    Sleep training is widely discussed amongst parents, carers and nannies and can often be a daunting but necessary consideration. However, as with anything child-related, there are no definitive guidelines and, instead, a range strategies to choose from that require patience and consistency. Deciding which strategy works for you, the family and the baby is a personal choice and will depend on many factors. Make sure you are ready to commit to whatever you decide and stick at it.

  • Fighting the January Blues

    With the December festivities over, the demands of work increasing and family and friends hibernating from the cold, January can be a tricky and potentially lonely month. It has a different impact on everyone and whilst some launch themselves into the New Year full of hope and excitement, others find the dark mornings and evenings difficult and struggle to motivate themselves to have fun. Taking a proactive approach against the negative elements is the only way to blast through the winter into spring.

  • The Past, the Present and the Future!

    Celebrating Christmas can be all-consuming and being swept up in the festivities can leave little time for you to take a moment to reflect. As a nanny, you work tirelessly to help to develop a curious mind, an inquisitive explorer and a kind, thoughtful and ambitious child – this is no small feat. As we enter 2019, it is time for you to stop and think about the successes of 2018 and plan your challenges for the upcoming year.

  • Sparkling Activities this Christmas

    Christmas is on its way and as jingle bells ring and the elves busily bustle on, it is time for you to create Christmas magic for excited little ones. Whilst it is sometimes easier to wrap them up in hats, coats and scarves and head outside to play, what activities can you immerse them in when the weather is bleak and all of the family are busy with preparations?

  • The Importance of Make-Believe and Imaginary Play

    Childhood is a time for exploration, learning and laughter; playing games is a crucial part of this. Throwing a ball back and forth, building a Lego zoo and playing hide and seek are just some of the physical games that children enjoy and learn from, but make-believe is just as important for a child and is packed full of magic, fantasy and excitement

  • Stop Bullying! How You Can Help

    Children face a multitude of challenges whilst growing up and bullying can be seriously distressing. It can happen anywhere – at school, on the bus, at a Saturday club or on their walk home, and it can take place in various forms. As an adult, how do you identify bullying and how do you stop it?

  • Remembrance Day 2018 – Educating Children about History!

    Armistice Day, 11th November 2018, marks the end of World War 1 and is a time to pay our respects to soldiers who have fought and served our country. Whilst this day of commemoration originated at the end of World War 1, it now recognises all soldiers and the sacrifices they have made. Discussing this topic can be challenging as for many children and young adults, comprehending events from the past such as WW1 are so far removed from our day-to-day lives – how can we possibly imagine what life was like? So how do you approach these topics with young children?

  • “Remember, Remember the 5th November…”

    Stay warm, stay safe and have a blast! Bonfire night is fast approaching and who can resist getting wrapped up warm with a hat and scarf, tucking into a jacket potato and watching the flames flicker whilst the Catherine wheels spin. It is a beautiful time of year and one that the whole family will love. With lots of activities to enjoy around fireworks night, what sorts of things can you get up to?

  • Aim High in your Professional Development

    How many times a day do you think about a child’s needs, dreams and ambitions? What do you implement to support them and help them to succeed? Now answer those same questions when thinking about yourself and consider why that is. You are clearly great at your job but how do you maintain that and continue to develop your career?

  • The Importance of a Nanny Diary

    Communication between a nanny and an employer is paramount. The children’s welfare, day-to-day organisation and positive working relationships depend on it. Having spoken with nannies about what works for them, we have provided some advice on how best to create a nanny diary, maintaining efficient and effective communication throughout.

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